Long Distance Moving Checklist


Long Distance Moving Checklist

Two Months Before the Move

Create a Moving Budget:

    • Include moving company fees, packing materials, travel expenses, and any additional services.

    Inventory Your Belongings:

      • Make a detailed list of all items you plan to move.
      • Decide what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.

      Gather Important Documents:

        • Collect medical records, school records, financial documents, and other important papers.
        • Keep these documents in a secure, easily accessible place.

        Notify Key Parties:

          • Inform your landlord or real estate agent of your move.
          • Notify your employer, schools, and any relevant organizations.

          Six Weeks Before the Move

          Order Packing Supplies:

            • Purchase boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, and other packing materials.

            Start Packing Non-Essential Items:

              • Pack items you use infrequently, such as seasonal decorations and specialty kitchenware.

              Label Boxes:

                • Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to in your new home.

                Arrange for Utility Services:

                  • Schedule disconnection of utilities at your current home and setup at your new home.
                  • This includes electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable services.

                  Plan Travel Arrangements:

                  • If driving, plan your route and book any necessary accommodations.
                  • If flying, book your flights and arrange for transportation at your destination.

                    One Month Before the Move

                    Confirm Moving Details:

                    • Confirm dates, times, and costs with your moving company.
                    • Review any special instructions or requirements.

                    Notify Change of Address:

                    • Submit a change of address form with the post office.
                    • Notify banks, credit card companies, insurance providers, and subscription services.

                    Transfer Medical Prescriptions:

                    • Arrange to transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy near your new home.

                    Sort and Pack Important Items:

                    • Pack important and valuable items separately to keep with you during the move.

                    Prepare for Moving Day:

                    • Make a list of tasks for moving day, such as last-minute packing and cleaning.

                      Two Weeks Before the Move

                      Complete Packing:

                      • Finish packing all remaining items, leaving only essential items for the last few days.

                      Dispose of Hazardous Materials:

                      • Properly dispose of items that movers won’t transport, such as paint, propane, and chemicals.

                      Confirm Details with Movers:

                      • Reconfirm the moving date, time, and any special instructions with the moving company.

                      Clean Your Current Home:

                      • Clean each room as you finish packing it.
                      • Schedule a final cleaning or hire a cleaning service if needed.

                      Arrange for Child and Pet Care:

                      • Arrange for childcare or pet care on moving day to keep them safe and out of the way.

                        One Week Before the Move

                        Pack a Moving Essentials Box:

                        • Include items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, such as toiletries, clothes, snacks, and important documents.

                        Defrost and Clean Appliances:

                        • Empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator and freezer.
                        • Clean and prepare other large appliances for the move.

                        Confirm Travel Arrangements:

                        • Double-check your travel plans and accommodations.

                        Check in with Movers:

                        • Reconfirm moving day details one last time with your moving company.

                        Final Preparations:

                        • Ensure all boxes are labeled and ready for transport.
                        • Make a final walkthrough of your home to ensure nothing is left behind.

                          Moving Day

                          Meet the Movers:

                          • Be present when the movers arrive to supervise loading and address any last-minute questions.

                          Do a Final Walkthrough:

                          • Check each room, closet, and cabinet to ensure nothing is left behind.

                          Secure Your Old Home:

                          • Turn off all lights, lock doors and windows, and hand over keys if necessary.

                          Keep Important Items with You:

                          • Carry your moving essentials box, important documents, and valuable items with you.

                          Arrive at Your New Home:

                          • Supervise the unloading and placement of boxes and furniture.
                          • Check for any damages and report them to the moving company immediately.

                            After the Move

                            Unpack Essentials First:

                            • Start with the essentials box and set up basic living areas like the kitchen and bedrooms.

                            Inspect Your Belongings:

                            • Check all items for damage and ensure nothing is missing.

                            Set Up Utilities and Services:

                            • Ensure all utilities are functioning and set up services like internet and cable.

                            Update Your Address:

                            • Confirm your address change with any remaining services or subscriptions.

                            Explore Your New Area:

                            • Familiarize yourself with local amenities, such as grocery stores, schools, and medical facilities.

                              By following this comprehensive checklist, you can ensure a smooth and organized long-distance move within the US.

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